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General Vendor Information

General Vendor Information

Red Bank Market will take place on June 26, 2010 between 11am and 4pm. Vendors must be checked in, have set up fees paid, paperwork completed, and be ready to sell by 11am. The Market closes at 5pm and vendor booths will be operated until that time. The market will be held rain or shine, and vendors are encouraged to bring their own tent for their space.


Vendor participation in the Red Bank Market is solely the discretion of the Market management. There is no implied “right” to participate and none will be protected. Professional behavior and compliance to market policies are expected of all vendors.

Booth Sharing:

Booth sharing will be allowed by special request and Market management approval. One vendor per booth space.


All booths will be available for set-up beginning at 8am. All vendors will need to check in with the Market director and pay set-up fees prior to the 11am opening. Vendors may drive their vehicles for set up onto Unaka Street, beside the Dry Duck, but must have their vehicles parked and all materials moved into their space by 10am. Vendors should make every effort not to block traffic and other vendors while moving in. Do not allow your vehicle to linger congesting the road for others. Park and unload in a timely manner then MOVE your vehicle.

No vendor should be breaking down or preparing for move-out prior to 5pm. Any vendor who violates the move-out policy may forfeit market privileges. No vehicles should be staged on Unaka prior to 5pm for the purpose of moving out.


Vendors may park in the Red Bank United Methodist flat lot on Redding between the tennis courts and the church. Once the vendor has unloaded on Unaka St., turn right at the stop sign onto Redding Rd. and park in the lot on the right directly past the tennis courts.

Payment Policy:

Your booth space will have to be paid in full prior to your move-in and the Market opening at 11am. A vendor is not allowed to sell until their set-up fee is paid.


When you check in you will receive a clean section of space. You will be expected to leave that area in the same condition in which you found it. Please carry out refuse that you bring into the Market. Do not stuff the trashcans with boxes and trash that you have generated during the day.


Electricity is available to vendors upon request.


Hawking of products is not permitted in the Red Bank Market. Hawking is defined as offering goods for sale aggressively by calling out loudly of by making market patrons feel personally confronted.


All vendors selling food products will be required to carry liability insurance. All other vendors are encouraged to carry liability insurance in order to protect their business and personal property from potential claims. All vendors carrying liability insurance are encouraged to name the Red Bank Market as a secondary insured on their policy for the days which they attend the market.

Requests should be submitted to the Red Bank Market directly. Vendor and project review is under the sole discretion of Market management.

Producer-Only Market:

The Red Bank Market is a PRODUCER-ONLY market, which means that the vendor must be directly, and actively, involved in the creation of anything sold at the Market.

Signs & Banners:

The Red Bank Market encourages you to promote your company and/or booth with a sign so that Market patrons can identify your company name. We recommend that the sign reflects the theme of your product(s) and promotes the handcrafted nature of the Market.


With entry fee, the vendor will be provided with a 10’x10’ space. Each vendor is expected to provide for his or her own needs with regard to booth operations. The Red Bank Market is an outdoor market held regardless of the weather. Examples of items a vendor may wish to bring are: tent, tables, chairs, power cord (if necessary), tape, string, clothespins, wipes or paper towels, trash bags, pens, paper, calculator, petty cash, retail bags, etc.


Red Bank Market vendors must pay all applicable state and local sales taxes. Any vendor who puts the Market at risk by cheating on taxes will be banned from ever selling at the Market again. It is not required that you have any business license to sell products at the Red Bank Market. If you do not have a TN tax ID number you will be issued a special event return form from the department of revenue. These return forms are to be filed by the vendor after the event. The sales tax rate in Chattanooga, TN is 9.25%. In the State of Tennessee farmers selling product that they have grown direct to the public are not required to collect sales tax.


  1. Who can I contact about becoming a vendor?
    Please give me name(s) and phone numbers. I cannot get a response to my email sent to the address listed above on this web page.
    ~Dana Masic
    Thanks for any info

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